What People are Saying about Breaking the Discipleship Code

“David Putman authentically shares his life and experiences in Breaking the Discipleship Code. Of course we want our churches to be missional; but if we don’t break the code of discipleship, our churches will never have the impact God desires. If you lead the disciplemaking process of a local church or simply long to be a disciple of Jesus, read Breaking the Discipleship Code to discover how to live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and leave behind what Jesus left behind.”
Dave Ferguson
Pastor of Community Christian Church,
Cofounder of NewThing Networks, Coauthor of The Big Idea

“Some ministry books are so driven by personal stories that the aftertaste is kind of like, ‘Interesting stuff, but so what?’ Others are so relentlessly practical and tactical that the general tone is cold, sterile, and ultimately forgettable. David has brought the two formats together, drawing simple, practical principles from rich life experience. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live a life of strategic impact.”
Steven Furtick
Pastor of Elevation Church

“David Putman has laid out a clear vision of what it takes to be a missional follower of Jesus in Breaking the Discipleship Code. Using both the teachings of Jesus and real life, he shows us how we can as well.”
Bil Cornelius
Pastor of Bay Area Fellowship, Coauthor of Go Big

“David Putman has done the church a unique service by writing this book. The lowest common denominator (LCD) for the gospel transforming the world is not the preacher but the disciple. What David advocates in discipleship is so needed today. I am sorry to say there are so few books on the most significant issue of being truly missional: the disciple. This is a must-read.”
Bob Roberts Jr.
Pastor of NorthWood Church,
Author of Transformation, Glocalization, and The Multiplying Church

Breaking the Discipleship Code is a timely reminder of our most important task: making disciples. It will help you rethink the way you do discipleship and accomplish the task more effectively.”
Mark Batterson
Pastor of National Community Church,
Author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

“We don’t need good Christians in the classic sense today; we need missional followers of Jesus. By mixing his personal story and sound biblical principles, David draws us into the full life of a follower of Jesus in a variety of real-life contexts. Written with the wisdom of a pastor but the credibility of someone who has to deal with real issues every day, this book will provide great encouragement for your path.”
Dave Travis
Managing Director of Leadership Network,
Coauthor of Beyond Megachurch Myths

“If you don’t want to be challenged to view discipleship in a new and different way, then you had better not read this book. I confess that as I read it I began to re-evaluate my personal walk with Christ. David Putman challenges us not to be who we want to be but to be who Christ wants us to be outside as well as within the body of Christ. I also love his view of the church as being the missionary and not just a sender of missionaries to some other part of the world.”
Aubrey Malphurs
Lead Navigator of the Malphurs Group,
Senior Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Dallas Seminary

“In this work, one of my best friends in the world has passionately, carefully, and biblically fired the warning shot for all of us. David beautifully reveals how our Western culture’s sin of consumerism has skewed our understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. We must redefine discipleship in our Western culture. David does an incredible job of taking us on a journey back to an old and timeless yet new definition of what it really means to follow Jesus. We need to take to heart what he says if we are ever going to see Jesus’s mission succeed through us in His church!”
Shawn Lovejoy
Pastor of Mountain Lake Church,
Cofounder of ChurchPlanters.com

“The only way to have a missional church is to have missional people in it. Period. In this engaging volume, David Putman gives wonderful insight into not just describing what missional people look like but how they get that way. It is a great devotional aid for your own personal growth as well as a conversation starter for your group to chart a missional path.”
Reggie McNeal
Leadership Network, Author of Get a Life

“David Putman clearly understands the nature and calling of God’s people, and because of this he has rightly intuited that the missional church at the dawn of the twenty-first century stands or falls on its capacity to make disciples. Here it seems is our next great task. This book is an excellent contribution to that critical cause.”
Alan Hirsch
Cofounder of Shapevine.com,
Author of The Forgotten Ways and The Shaping of Things to Come

“We can talk and dream about missional churches. We can talk and dream about evangelism, worship, and leadership in missional churches. But if we aren’t talking about discipleship, the future of missional churches are in big trouble. David invites us into this conversation in this important book.”
Dan Kimball
Pastor of Vintage Faith Church,
Author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church


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