What Does a Missional Follower of Jesus Look Like inside the Beltway?

I had the opportunity to hang out with our teaching pastor Rodney and his wonderful wife Sarah last night. Sarah and I both have a passion of writing and we all share a lot in common when it comes to being a follower of Jesus Christ. With the Democratic Primary coming to an end in what will prove to be an electrically charged election season I thought I would post a response she wrote in my new book under what I called a missional snapshot. Enjoy and thanks Sarah….I hope you enjoy the book.

Sarah Anderson – is a writer and editor for student based curriculum and is the daughter of a former Republican Presidential Candidate.

I grew up just outside the electrically charged bubble of Washington, and have witnessed individuals from all political parties claim their allegiance to organized Christianity and devotion to God only to quickly and efficiently disappoint. I am reminded that no elected official, no party, is single-handedly going to usher in the Kingdom of God.

As a politically conscious person, and as a part of a political savvy family, I have wrestled with what this requires of me, a follower of Jesus first, a patriot second. Marrying politics and Christ requires being a more critical thinker, in pursuit of Jesus’ way ahead of the “American” way. It means broadening perspective, from election year, to eternity. It means practicing righteous positions, not necessarily right parties. This shift of thinking requires increased responsibility. Nearly anyone can fight hard enough to “win”, but in the process am I reflecting Jesus?

My entire family remains actively involved in the DC political scene at various levels, with the exception of me, a three-year resident of Atlanta. Together, we pursue Christ, no matter what the avenue, regardless of location, title or station of life. Our passion is the path of Jesus, above all. We know that the right people, funding, and beliefs will not be the catalysts for transformation. We will be. Not because of status, influence or public approval, but because we are courting Christ. Collectively, whether inside or apart from the political pandemonium that can be Washington, we will be the ones to usher in the grass roots way of Jesus, and we will do so as Christ-followers – regardless of the ruling party in the White House, the Congress or the Supreme Court.


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