Much Is At Stake!!!

I had the opportunity to teach/preach in our four weekend services on our North Campus this past weekend. As always I have a renewed respect for Shawn Lovejoy and Rodney Anderson who carries the majority of the weight when it comes to teaching at Mountain Lake Church.

I was also reminded that much is at stake. During each service I had a heighten sensing around me for the people who are disconnected from Christ and the Church. At lunch on Monday one of our members told me about a friend who attended who was disconnected who was blown away my our services…he kept repeated the words “oh my” through out the service. Reminds me of the guy who came awhile back that simply responded with a “damn”…not exactly your “amen” or “praise the Lord”.

I love people who are disconnected from Christ and the Church. I will be honest not like I should. Matter of fact if I am honest it is often very difficult to love people who force me outside of the comfort zone of my own religious bubble. I am discovering I am such a hypocrite.

I think if we will all be honest we all struggle…we take for granted Jesus’ way when it came to being a “friend of sinners”.

With that in mind I am discovering that God is at work…however often his greatest work is happening outside of the institutional church and out in the highways and hedges. As my wonderful wife often reminds me, “Can’t you see…Can’t you see what God is doing! He’s at work everywhere!” She reminded me once again this morning when I was processing a phone call I received last night from an old friend who had fallen off the radar.


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