My Son Is Home For Leave!

Fifteen months have come and gone…a battle has waged…IEDs, rockets, and small arms fire has exploded all around…30, 40 days out..not showers…no hot meals…all behind. The 82nd Airborne has done their job..most have returned home…not all…God bless their families…as we celebrate…they morn.

Tomorrow my son will pull up in his old black dodge pickup…he won’t be wearing his uniform even though there is a special sort of pride when I see him in it…he will be in jeans, tee shirt, ball cap, and flip flops. He will look like everyones son…but he is different. He has paid a price far greater then most of us will ever. He has seen things that only in rare moments is he willing to talk about. He wears many years on his face even though he is a young man…he must have mature a decade in the past year. Another deployment looms over him…in a few short months we will refine his chiseled body and sharpen his skills…and we will once again stay tune to the news, surf the internet, and pray instead of sleep during the nights

But for now we celebrate and we wait for in just a few more hours he will walk through the door and for the next 30 days we will be a family together…we will eat…laugh…party…talk…I’m sure we will cry…argue at time…fight…we might even get on the floor and wrestle…he’s added about 20 pounds of muscle since his deployment…I really want to see if I can take him down. We will visit the coast…visit the mountains…ride our motorcycles…catch a Braves game…hang out at the pool…worship together…

Each moment each day we will drink it all in and enjoy life…we won’t take our freedom in vain and each and every moment I will realize I’m in the company of a real American hero. Welcome home my son! Welcome home!


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