Signing On!

I’m back! Vacation was a hit. This is the first time we have vacationed as a family since my son went in the army (two years). Here are a few things I learned during my vacation:

  1. I can do without my computer. That’s right I didn’t take my computer nor did I get on one the entire week. At the last minute I decided I needed to leave it home. I know if I had it with me there were several times it would have translated into work…I had those impulses…do it now.
  2. People’s views of Jesus are really jacked up. I decide to read a secular book on Jesus off of the New York Times list. This guy was from India and I thought I might learn something and I did…like I said people are really jacked up and I can’t believe people read this stuff and believe it. I won’t mention the book I don’t want you to waste your time.
  3. Vacation is a cycle. It takes me two to three days to unwind and decompress…I spend two or three days down…and then I am ready to go again…I can feel myself revving up.
  4. Five Adults in the same house makes for a small space regardless of how big the house is or how much you love each other. If you don’t believe me ask my kids.
  5. The Shack has a universal appeal. Every one in my family has read it, read it during our vacation, or is reading it and they all really connected.
  6. The Short’s are really awesome people. Thanks for letting us crash at your place.
  7. It doesn’t take long to get back in it. It is amazing how quick you can get back in the grind. Vacations just aren’t enough…we need to reflect rest and reflect daily, withdraw and recreate weekly, and retreat and renew semi-annually. Come to think about it why can’t we put a little vacation in every day.
  8. I really missed my motorcycle. I love riding. I would sell my truck and never drive it again if it wasn’t for weather and the need to haul my golf clubs occasionally.
  9. I love my family…however I need to continue to learn how to love them better. The way you relate to young children and adult children are completely different.
  10. There’s no place like home!

One response to “Signing On!

  1. erictayloronline

    Glad to see you’re back. We’re headed to the beach for vacation this weekend. Great words… You motivated me to leave my laptop at home…But I am taking “Breaking the Discipleship Code”! Been itching to read it for a while.

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