Making Disciples In Malawi

Just an update on my Malawi trip…several weeks ago I made a commitment to pull together a group of guys/gals and to go Malawi and put in a well and irrigation system in a specific village. Here is a little update. Right now we have 9 people committed to going. I am going to book the flights next week so if you or you know anyone who wants to be a part get in touch now.

We have met twice…we are going through my book, Breaking the Discipleship Code each time we meet…we are on chapter 5.

We will leave on August 31 and return on September 15 or around that time. It is going to be awesome. The most exciting thing about it is it allows me to practice what I preach or write. I have never experienced a time in my life that I have enjoyed my relationship with God and people more. I think they go together.


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