Be Safe

This Darby the daughter of my friend and financial consultant Casey Graham. You will want to check out his ministry at Beyond having an incredible bent to helping businesses, churches, and individuals win financially…he has an incredible daughter. Did I mention she is extremely smart. Here she is reading her very first book…it happens to be mine, Breaking the Discipleship Code. Don’t forget to check out my chapter in part three of book three on What does a missional follower of Jesus look like in our homes? I talk about how we raise our kids instilling in them the idea of being safe. I can’t tell you how often I’ve told my kids, “Be safe”. At the same time there is something in them that embraces adventure and seeks to take risk. Believe me I’ve learn the hard way…my son in in the 82nd Airborne…he jumps out of planes…spends months in some of the most remote and challenging parts of the world as a combatant…and rides a Harley. BE SAFE?


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