Welcome to America and His Church Here!

In just a couple of weeks our new church planting residents will join us at Mountain Lake Church. Will Henderson and his family will spend a year with us and then return to Aussie Country to plant Jesus’ church. This will be our first church plant down under. Regardless if you attend MLC or just stop by to visit my blog from time to time join us in what God is doing in the Henderson’s life by donating an item or two to make their welcome to America one that reflects God’s love for them and this part of the world really apparent. Read below for how you can get involve with a simple express of God’s love through your generosity.

Aussie House Update!

Just an update on the items needed for the Aussie House. There are new furniture items on the registry for you to purchase for the Henderson family. Remember, this family is coming from Australia with NOTHING! We need to be the people of God for this family and demonstrate how loving and generous the followers of Jesus are! Buying tip: A great idea is to take some of the larger ticket items and go in with a few other families or your growth group. It would be easy for a growth group to buy bunk beds for the kids or a washer/dryer set for mom and dad. What an awesome way to come together to give them they stuff they will need to live everyday life!

Remember, this family will be here July 30th!! That is in two weeks! So let’s get this stuff ordered so it can ship and arrive here before they do!! You are the best!

Visit our blog at http://www.aussiehouse.typepad.com for more information.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to be a part of life change for this family! We appreciate you!



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