Adding Hours To Each Day!

Reverence for God adds hours to each day! Proverbs 10:27 (LB)

This is the verse I go to when I feel absolutely overwhelmed or whenever my capacity is in question.

Like this morning…I woke up with that overwhelmed feeling. Sunday was non-stop, yesterday was non-stop, today is going to prove to be non-stop, Wednesday will be non-stop, and I don’t even know what Thursday has in store. I will check my calendar later.

As I woke up this morning feeling the pressure on this non-stop week and realize that I have to prepare to speak four times this weekend some time in between all the responsibilities I was drawn to Proverbs 10:27. My temptation was to jump into sermon prep or fire off 10 emails, but I knew that the very first thing I needed was to re-center my life through God’s word.

I’ve come to realize as a follower of Jesus that he can do more in and through me in a moment than I can in a thousand years when I re-center my life in him. As I re-centered my life in him this morning it occurred to me that their are a lot of people living their day right where I am…so here you go! “Reverence for God adds hours to each day.”

Now I need to run and continue my message prep, but I fully expect God to do the miracle of actually giving me something worth saying that will be relevant to our lives and to give me the power to say it in such a way that it will speak deeply into the lives of those who need it.

My capacity just got larger and my load just got lighter.


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