We all need to re-center…some days more than others. When I find myself in a season of running hard I find this to be most true. However, each and everyday should contain an element of re-centering. I consider my personal alone time with God a time of re-centering. Each morning I need a time that it can become less about me and more about him.

This morning my prayer has been simple…”Show me your way.” In the context of that prayer here are my take aways from this mornings time with God.

I exit to discover the simplicity of Jesus and his ways. I know I am accomplishing this when…

  • I put those most important to me first.
  • My resource of time and money reflect a growing generosity.
  • My days are spent with an increasing awareness and expression of living like Jesus and loving like Jesus.
  • My ministry is becoming more about Jesus and less about me.
  • I am growing in my compassion and expression for the world.

Now I can begin my sermon prep…


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