ReThink Money

Casey Graham

Casey Graham

Let me take a moment and introduce my good friend and financial guru Casey Graham. Casey has recently launched an incredible ministry call ReThink Money and I couldn’t be more excited about Casey or his ministry. I am convinced that one of the major barriers to living like Jesus, loving like Jesus, and leaving what Jesus left behind is our orientation and bent as consumers. Consuming is about taking, while Jesus has called us to be about giving. Every time we help someone let go their financial resources by investing them in Kingdom causes we are helping them take on the heart of God . We all have a choice: greed or generosity. Read what Casey has to say below and more importantly contact him and take the first steps toward becoming a more generous person. That’s what I’m working on.

ReThink Money

First of all, I would like to thank David, one of my best friends in the world, for letting me make a stop on his blog. Today we are going to look at a subject that I believe is HUGE in becoming a follower of Jesus. This subject applies to any person who deals with money. That would be all of us!

We all have some amount of money we manage. Some people have huge bank accounts and some people have $2.30 at the end of each pay period. It doesn’t matter how much we have, it matters how well we manage it. I started ReThink Money with a mission. This mission is to help people change their lives one dollar at a time. I love seeing people become financially free and better managers of money that God has entrusted to them. It is a joy for me to see people do well with their money. I love seeing people get their spending under control. I love seeing people kill their debt quickly. I love seeing people invest little by little into retirement and long term wealth. That stuff is awesome to see!!!

HOWEVER, I believe that most people are stopping one step short in becoming like Jesus Christ with their money. Most people are getting in shape financially so that THEY can do better and LIVE better! Here is where we have to start ReThinking our Money. God’s heart is way bigger than spending less than we make, getting out of debt, and investing! God’s heart is that his people would flood the church and world with resources! If we stop short of anything other than crazy generosity, I believe we are missing the heart of God. We have to ReThink why we are becoming debt free! We have to ReThink why we are trying to get in shape financially. The ultimate verse for getting our heart in the right shape financially is Matt. 6:21 where Jesus says, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”

Do you want to live like Jesus? Do want to love like Jesus? If so, we have to start leveraging our treasure for the kingdom in greater ways. Jesus is clear that our heart will follow our money.

1. Give consistently

Don’t just give one time a year. Give on a monthly or weekly basis. Consistent giving helps us become like Christ because we will develop a habit of generosity. If you are a church leader DON’T BE SCARED TO CHALLENGE PEOPLE TO GIVE CONSISTENLY! You may say, “We will lose the lost people in my church.” If you do, welcome to the life of Christ. The rich young ruler was lost and Jesus challenged him to give his stuff away and the rich young ruler left. Jesus was not seeker friendly during the conversation. You challenge people to give consistently because THEY NEED IT! Don’t challenge people to give just because you need to increase your offerings. Give the challenge so people can become like Christ.

2. Give with faith

When is the last time you gave and did not know how you were going to survive? I believe when we take a risk and give, God will provide. I see it over and over again in my life and in the life of others. I would ask you to pray to God today and say, “Lord, show me where to give today!” He will bring that need, you better be ready to fill it!

3. Give with vision

You have to understand that when we give, we are giving to see other people’s lives changed. When I give an offering to my church and I see someone baptized, I thank God for the opportunity to give. When I give to a mission trip and I see the person come back on fire for Jesus and the world I thank God for the opportunity to give. Giving changes people’s lives! Are you willing to neglect some of your personal wants so you can fund God’s mission in this world?

The reason I teach people to become financially free is so they can participate in giving! I am seeing people come alive with stories of generosity! At ReThink Money we provide consulting services for churches to increase generosity. We also have written a financial curriculum that can be purchased to teach your people how to manage their money and give generously! I am speaking all around the country on this subject and would love to help your church become more generous! You can email me at


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