The Most Important 30 Seconds of Our Day!

Me and Tami in Charleston

Me and Tami in Charleston

A number of years ago Tami and I began a simple habit that has made an amazing difference in our lives. We prayer together! That’s right! Each morning before we start our day we pray together. Now it is not what you think. I’m sure some of you envision the two of us kneeling at our living room sofa pouring out our hearts before God. Maybe others see us with a prayer shawl covering us in a dimly lit room with the smells of incense swilling up…sort of a sweet sacrifice.

Here is how it goes down. Tami typically leaves before I do so she comes by the chair that I usually begin my day in reading, writing, studying, thinking, contemplating or whatever it is us pastors do. She tells me goodbye and we hold hands and literally spend 15 to 30 seconds praying together. I usually say the prayer out loud and then we kiss and she leaves for the day and I follow shortly after.

On most days the prayer is short and simple. We almost always ask God to “Show us his ways”. The neat thing is when something really specific is going on we already have a time and a place where we can connect and pray.

The other side of the coin it is hard to be mad, stay mad, or get even when you are praying together. There have been a few days when I have been so mad or aggravated with her or she me that we have not prayed, but those times are few and far between.

What I believe the key for our long standing prayer is our commitment to keep it simple. Why not make a simple prayer a part of your marriage project. Maybe you don’t know how to prayer…then pray our prayer, “Show me us your ways.” It really is that simple.


One response to “The Most Important 30 Seconds of Our Day!

  1. Thanks for sharing, and for giving a realistic picture of what morning prayers with your spouse look like. … I have recently been doing a daily devotional with my wife (I’m a newly wed). So far it has been good, but I’m concerned about it becoming a dry routine instead of a real connection point during our day. Any suggestions?

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