A Simple Prayer

Before I give you the wrong impression I’m not a great prayer. I say this because my last post had to do with praying with my wife Tami. I don’t want to paint a picture to you of someone who prays all the time. I probably pray less then most if praying has anything to do with bowing your head, closing your eyes, and talking a lot.

On the other hand I do listen a lot. It is probably the way I’m wired. I love to read, listen, and talk to a good friend over a cup of coffee. I know a lot of people, but I only interact with a few on a regular bases. It’s just me. I’m somewhat of a recluse or an introvert. When I’m not riding my motorcycle and opt for my truck I never turn on the radio. I just don’t. I don’t even know how to work it. I mean I can turn it on, but every time I do I have to take a refresher course. I would rather listen. I mostly listen to what’s going on inside of me. Some people call that thinking or contemplating.

There are three prayers that I have prayed throughout my adult life that I know God has often heard and responded to. First, “God I need your help”. I use to be embarrassed by how often this showed up in my journal. Lately not so much, instead I’ve come to realize that it is a humble admission from a weak and frail human being. I really do need God. A second prayer has been, “Show me your way.” I literally pray this everyday and hope I will keep praying until I get it right. Which you and I both know it looks like I will be praying this one to the very end.

A third pray is “God help me to see Tami like you see her.” There are times that I really get critical when it comes to my wife. Not often, but it seems to come in seasons. Usually it is when I my expectations aren’t being met, I’ve had a series of bad days, my schedule is slammed, or I’m struggling with something internal. .

When that happens, that’s when I pray my third prayer, “God help me see Tami like you see her.” When I do something amazing happens over the next few days. God really hears my prayers and before I know it I see some simple something that reminds me of how blessed I am to have a wife who is so giving, kind, loving, patient, joyful, fun, etc.

If you are challenged in seeing the good qualities of your spouse maybe a simple prayer might bring a surprising result. Also go to www.mountainlakechurch.org and visit our store where you can pick up The Marriage Project series listen to message one…it has a lot to say about believing in our spouse.


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