You have got to be a missional disciple to make missional disciples!

Yesterday I lead an all day conference on Transitioning Your Church to Missional Ministry in my old stomping grounds.  It was really cool to be presently surprised by some old friends and mentors.  Tim Pigg was one of those guys.  He is a pastor in the up state, but more importantly he cared enough about me to share Jesus with me and be my friend when I was a young man in some pretty incredible rebellion.  Coach Tommie Davis and his wife Cathy who were my mom and dad’s first Christian friends and discipled them when our family first became followers of Jesus.  Is God good or what!

I was challenged and impressed by those who attended.  They ranged from young church planting type pastors to older men in women in their 70’s.  Regardless of their ages they were open and eager to learn from this radical how they can be more effectively at reaching people in their community.

The bottom line is we all have the same mission…”go make disciples…”  and we all have to be missional disciples in order to make missional disciples.  The work of transitioning our churches begins with the leader.  The good news is regardless of where you are beginning it only takes one or two more to start pouring yourself into their lives.

When we are committed to living like Jesus, loving like Jesus, and leaving what Jesus left behind God can do incredible things in and through us.

For the past year or so I have been praying a prayer…”Show me your way.”  I prayed it this morning as God invited me to join Kingdom.  After all it is about following.  And don’t forget after you have prayed this prayer take someone with you.


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