Chief Waya and the Jesus Way

I’ve been back from Malawi for about two weeks now.  I am finially getting back in the zone.  It is amazing how much these trips take out of you.  It is also amazing how much you take away from these kinds of trips.

We spent two weeks in the Waya village learning the Jesus way.  We served the people by putting in a water system.  The water system will transform their entire region.  It included a bored well that went down about 50 meters, a pump house complete with sleeping quarters for the security details, solor panels to run the pump since we are working without electricity, and a large storage retainer.

At the end of the two weeks we dedicated the well and I preached the Gospel to the entire village.  I shared with them how Jesus was the living water.  Drink from this well you will be thirsty again…drink from his life and your soul will never thirst.  After it was over Chief Waya sought me out.  Through my interpreter he said, “The message of Jesus has strangley warmed my heart.”  It always does.  He went on to tell me he wanted to know how to become a follower of Jesus.  A few minutes later Cheif Waya and several of the village elders prayer to receive Jesus.  Our interpreter Chipo is giving them Bible we bought  for them in their language and going back once a week to teach them the Jesus way.  It was amazing.

God has also given me a vision.  I am praying that he might use me and the many people I know to put 100 well in Africa over the next 10 to 20 years.  I will talk more about that on my next post.

Next year we will put two new water systems in.  Our church (Mountain Lake Church) will do one and a Lutheran Church out in east Atlanta will do the other.  Maybe you are reading this blog and you would like to be a part of this dream and mission.  Why not e-mail me and let’s talk about how you too can participate.

For all of you guys from MLC our next Water Project and trip will be the last two weeks of July, 2009.  Make plans now to take a trip of a life time and experience a mission that really counts.  Remember that we “belong and become in order that we might have greater impact.”  Come find the Jesus way in a place like Waya.


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