Writing A Book Is Like Giving Birth…I Think!

Writing a book is like giving birth…I think!  As I wrote this statement it occurred to me that I really don’t know what I’m talking about.  I haven’t given birth.  I would ask Tami, but she hasn’t written a book, so I seem to be stuck until someone who has written a book and given birth can respond.

I’m asked a couple of common questions when it comes to writing: 1) How long does it take you to write a book?  2) How do you know you need to write a book?  As to how long, I usually reply “all my life”.  For me most if not all of my writing is about my life journey and passion.  My books are not cute or neat ideas, but they are expressions of my life.  When it comes to when do I know if I should write or not I generally reply “when I have a book in me”.

It all sounds mystical, but at the end of the day it is hard work.  Come to think of it, maybe writing a book is more like giving birth to an elephant!  Now that’s an interesting idea!  I could write a book on that.

My point is I’m currently working on a new book.  I’m really fired up about it.  The working title is Simply Jesus:  Detox for the Overly religous.  I have been carrying this book in my heart and mind for about 18 months.  In the next two I will complete the writing process and begin the editing process.  Our goal is to launche it during nexts years 09 Catatlyst Conference.  That’s nearly three years thus the elephant thing.

While at Catalyst I talked to a number of publishing editors.  I love publishing editors I guess because I like to write books and they make us who write look good.  Among them was Mark Sweeney.  Mark interfaces with Leadership Network and Zondervan.  He is working with me on the next  book after the Simply Jesus book.  Leaving Catatlyst I’m all fired up about it.  This next book I’m writing with my pastor, friend, and co-found of churchplanters.com.  We are going to write a book for young church planters and missional leaders.  It will be since Breaking the Missional Code that I’ve written a book that focused totally on leaders…this next project is going to be really cool.  It will be good to write with Shawn and to write on such an important subject.

For now I’m back to givng birth to the Elephant!


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