The Jesus Way and Iran

I don’t know where to begin…I am overwhelmed which is getting to be normal.  God is at work in this world.  I met a new brother yesterday.  He is an Iranian Christian with a heart for reaching his homeland with the Gospel.  While I met with him a video call came in from another brother from Southern Iran.  He is a house church pastor.  We talked, we laugh, we celebrate, we praised God, we cried, and we prayed.  We mostly talked about the revival they are experiencing in Iran. 

That’s right people are hungry for the Gospel and there is a rapid movement of God across the land.  Now is the time for followers of Jesus to do what the Bible tells us and bless our enemies with the Gospel.  Please understand I’m not implying or stating that the Iranians Christians are our enemies. No! They are are brothers and sisters.  We have a kinship wit them that is deeper then blood.  I’m talking aboutnIran as an extreme radical state set to bring harm to our nation and our miltary in the region.  We are to love our enemies.  That is the Jesus way.

What we read in the press is only part of the story and not a very good one.  Common everyday people like you and me are hungry for the Gospel we hold so near to us.  Now is the time for us to love the people of Iran. 

Will we?  It is so easy just to rock on.  Build our ministries…build our churches…do our thing.  I’m going to Iran.  I’m going to lead as many people that will follow to go with me.  I am going to mobilize my brothers and sisters across our nation to give of their resouces to put Bibles in the hands of the people of Iranian. 

I will write more when I understand more of what I can share.  Lives are at risk…however with the Gospel they always have been.


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