Jesus used words like “full” to describe the life that he had in mind for us.  “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John10:10b, NIV).  That has certainly been my experience. 

  • Full of hope – God has seen us through so much this past two years.  God is healing my daughter from an incredible lost and giving her new purpose to live.   My son returned from Afghanistan after serving on the very front lines of the War on Terror.  He is doing great and growing as a man every day.  Today he was home for a visit and we got to ride our bikes up in the North Georgia Mountains together.  We both bought our bikes while he was in Afghanistan with the hope that we would one day ride together and today we did. 
  • Full of friendships – This weekend I did life with Mike Buckelew, Tim Padrone, and Casey Graham at a deeper than normal level.  I am so grateful for good friends.  I left a ministry that required traveling all the time so I could develop deep relationship and expereince community with people around me and it is happening. 
  • Full of purpose – God has blessed me with so many opportunites for fulfilling my purpose.  I had the opportunity to lead a village chief to the Lord in Malawi a few weeks ago.  I am going to the Middle East in December to train 200 pastors.  God opened up new opportunites this week to participate in getting Bibles to one of the most extreme Moslem places in the world.  He continues to allow me to invest in church planters around the world.  This coming week Shawn Lovejoy and I launch our next coaching network.  I get to live out my purpose at a great church (Mountain Lake Church).  I get to write books about rediscovering the simplicity of Jesus and his ways.  I get to speak to pastors and students around the country.  God is good. 
  • Full of passion.  I love what I am doing.  I wake up everyday full of passion and energy for what I get to do.  I feel just as passionate if not more about ministry today as I did when I was 22 years old and answering his call for the first time.
  • Full of love.  My love for God has hit a new gear over the past year.  My love for my wife is at a all time high.  I love her more today and I know I will love her even more tomorrow.  I love my son and my daughter.  My love for the world is growing every day. 

I don’t share this to brag on where I at.  I share this to lift Him up.  We serve an amazing God.  I pray that your life is full and if you are going through a difficult time or a dry time in your relationship it is my prayer that He may use it to fill your life with His fullness.


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