Stop Praying and Start Going!

Somebody needs to read this…that’s right!  Somebody has been praying about doing something and it is time to cease the paralysis of the analysis and kick it into gear.  That’s my typical response these days when people ask me whether or not they need to go and do something.  When Shawn Lovejoy asked me to leave my nice security post at the largest mission agency of the largest denomination in the the US.  I jumped.  Frankly I was tried of praying.  I’m sure God let out a big “that-a-boy”.  The funny thing is when I walked out the door two of my good friends called get other and agreed that I had messed up.  Not because I join Mountain Lake, but because of what I left.  That was just over four years ago and can I tell you that I’m so glad I jumped (by the way one of those guys are now on our ministry team).

So stop praying and start going is my cry.   This is especially true when it comes to sharing the gospel with others.  One of the things I do in my spare time is take people around the world and live the gospel in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean (yea baby…I really like the Caribbean).

People often come up to me and tell me they are praying about going.  Here’s my question, “What are you praying about?”  Jesus clearly said, “…go make disciples of all nations…”  We need to stop praying and start going.

I would love to connect you with the world.  In a few weeks we will have our next Taste of World Care at Mountain Lake Church.  If you are part of MLC make plans to show up at 6:45 on November 24th for our next Taste of World Care.  If you are a pastor of another church and you want to connect with the the world or some of our world partners I would be honored to help you make those connections.

Here are some of the places we are going over the next 12 months: Malawi, Middle East (two locations), Jamaica, and Spain.  We will also be gearing up to assist our two church planter in their launches for January 11th in Columbus, GA and Cincinnati, Ohio.  For you guys who need to pray a little longer we will be adding our church plant in Australia in 2010

The bottom line…stop praying and start going!



One response to “Stop Praying and Start Going!

  1. willhendersonlive

    Hey David praying for us right now and coming over in 2010 sounds like a really good idea! And if they really need something to do they can wash my car, I hate doing that 😉

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