Who’s Mission Is It Anyway?

Tomorrow we launch a new church planting network!  It is going to be awesome and I can’t wait.  I really believe we are goingt to be able help some guys.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about this mission thing a lot.  We spend hours, days, weeks, and years trying to get it right as church planters and pastors.  We spend countless hours retreating with our team, not to mention the many dollars we invest in consulting and investing.

Well guess what?  We all have the same mission.  that’s right Jesus settled that over 2000 years ago.  We really do.  He puts it this way, “…go make disciples…”  I talked about it in my last post, “Stop Praying and Start Going”, but I didn’t talk about it this way.

Jesus has called us to “go make disciples”.  That’s our mission.  Here the challenge…you have to be a disciples in order to make disciples.  Now if we are real honest many of us spend more time focusing on building churches when we should be focusing on making disciples.

My point is we need to stop worrying about our mission and start making disciples.  What about this don’t we understand?

Now when it comes to vision…God invites us into his redemptive imagination.  He wants us to envision what could happen if we fully gave our self to his mission.  If we made disciples in our church or church plant what would it look like 20, 30, 40, 50 years from now?  Now that is a question worth pondering, but for now let’s go make disciples.

For you guys who want to know more check out my new book, Breaking the Disicpleship Code.  Maybe it will be just what you need to spur you on.

Follow me as I follow him!


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