Obama or McCain?

Obama or McCain?  This is a question we must all answer over the next few days.  However, regardless if your candidate gets elected or not…I’ve got good news for you…Jesus is still on the throne.  If you are a follower of Jesus he is our President…he is our King…he is our Lord…he is our Savior.  God’s Kingdom supersedes our earthly nations and I can sleep good at night knowing if the bottom completely falls out that Jesus is there to catch me.  I really do believe this with all my heart.  Below is a excerpt from my book Breaking the Discipleship Code from the chapter What Does a Missional Follower of Jesus Look Like When it comes to Politics.

Our politics and attitudes about our politics have become a huge barrier to our missional engagement in the world.  It was our hope that our political actions, at the end of the past century and the beginning of this century, would do much to right our nation morally and put us on the straight and narrow as a nation.  We envisioned a better world, but, for better or worse, what many of us envision hasn’t happened.  The alliance of religion and Beltway politics has proved not to be the answer.  Organizations like the Moral Majority and the Christian Coalition have had their moments in the political spotlight, only to ease off the stage of American politics without as much as an encore.  We have had a conservation Christian President and a conservative congress (at times) working hand in hand for the first time in many years under the backdrop of a conservative judicial branch, yet we have seen limited progress.

Maybe you are saying okay, but now what?  Let me suggest that we adopt the Jesus way when it comes to our politics.  The Jesus way challenges our attitude and our politics that always neglect the poor, the vulnerable, the helpless.  the Jesus way challenges our self-interest and cast a spotlight on the whole of the earth and all that is in it.  The Jesus way confronts us with our own tendency to consume all of the earths’ natural resources and compels us to consider our responsibility when to care for the whole of the earth.  The Jesus way forces us to struggle with what it means to be peacemakers on this earth and to reconsider those whom the destructive nature of war has left behind.  The Jesus way not only challenges us to consider the rights of those unborn but to take action in providing a better world for those who already live.  the Jesus way challenges us to reconsider our tendency to stand on the Right or Left when it come to politics and to offer a new vision of faith, hope, and love.

So, what should we do when it comes to the election?  Vote!  Be informed and vote your convictions?  At the same time don’t forget who’s really in charge.  Sleep tight!  It’s going to be alright and don’t forget to make a difference by living the Jesus way.


2 responses to “Obama or McCain?

  1. Amen David! Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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