Why Finding the Jesus Way!

I’m fired up.  I just pulled the plug on davidputmanlive.com.  For me I have never like this URL.  It’s not that I think anything is wrong with using your name to identify yourself or your writings.  At the same time God has done some really neat things in my life recently and I want my life to reflect these experiences.

It was while I was writing Breaking the Discipleship Code that I broke the code for myself.  My son was serving in the US Army in Afghanistan.  He had survived several ambushes that could have very well ended his life.  My daughter’s college sweetheart died of a reoccurring cancer.  Everything that seemed familiar to me was collapsing.

It was during this time I got a new vision of Jesus in my life.  It wasn’t the vision I wanted.  It was a visionjesus of Jesus standing outside my life.  You can find it in Revelation 3:20, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”

Gradually over time I had allow the many good and religious things I was involved in push Jesus ever so gently out.  I didn’t notice it until I really needed him.  It was then that I discovered he was knocking on my hearts door.  Matter of fact he had been knocking for a long time.  I was so caught up in my religion I couldn’t hear him.

Lately I’ve been losing my religion and finding the Jesus way.  With that I decided to bury davidputmanlive.com.  I want the rest of my life to be about “rediscovering the simplicity of Jesus and his ways”.  That’s my mission.  That’s why God put me on this earth.  That’s why God keeps me on this earth.  That’s why I serve in the local church.  That’s why I started www.churchplanters.com and resource church planters.  That’s why I write books.  That’s why I travel around the world.  That’s why I get up every morning.

For now if you like you can still get to this blog by typing in www.davidputmanlive.com, but if you are like me and tired of typing in that name go ahead and use my new URL and type in www.findingthejesusway.com. As you type it let it be a reminder that we all are on an incredible journey and it really is about finding Jesus and his ways.


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