No Place Like Home…Just Back from the Middle East

Wow!  It is good to be back.  I just spent the last 8 days traveling  in the Middle East.  This is my third trip and I’m sure it’s not my last.

Here are some quick thoughts I am downloading…

  • God is doing amazing things in the Middle East.  I didn’t run into any terrorist, but I ran into a ton of Middle Eastern Pastors committed to laying it on the line.  They told us story after story about churches being planted, people coming to find Jesus and his ways, persecution, etc.
  • The hope for the Middle East is Jesus and God wants to use his church.  Did I say that the Middle East is not overrun with US churches and followers of Jesus doing everything possible to “go”.  I did find a few!  I’m not a prophet t or the son of a prophet, but I predict that the Middle East will be where the next great movement of God happens.  Get ready Church!
  • We had a great team.  I’m so glad I get to go and take others with me…it’s the Jesus way!
  • I enjoy my truck and motorcycle over camel riding.
  • There’s no place like home.



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