Why I’m Fired Up About Our 09′ Conference!

It’s hard to believe that our conference is one week and one weekend away. That’s another way of saying 9 days away. I’m fired up about many things related to our 09′ churchplanters.com conference. Things like the incredible main session lineup. Here is a breakdown of what fires me upchurchplanterslogo about this group.

Troy Gramling leads his church to put on some of the most amazing weekends anywhere. He knows how to do church in a culturally relevant way. He is one of the best in the country at it. They are reaching tons of people with the gospel.

Nelson Searcy a city pastor that knows systems better then anyone I know. Our churches will never grow beyond our systems and processes and Nelson will help us all break the code when it comes to these systems.

Ed Stetzer is our country’s leading missiologists. I think I spelled that right. Ed and I go way back and it is an honor to connect and hang out with him. He is going to help us get in touch with what is happening in North America and how a biblical missiology can help us thrive in these missional days.

Bob Roberts is one of my favorite pastors in the world. He introduced us to the middle east and has rock our world making it smaller and larger at the same time. He has a heart for the world and in my and many other’s opinion is impacting the world through the local church like no other.

Shawn Lovejoy is my pastor, friend and co-founder of http://www.churchplanters.com. Shawn loves the local church and is one of the best leaders when it comes to the local church I know. The amazing thing about Shawn’s story and our story is we are an ordinary church plant, with an ordinary planter, in an ordinary place that’s figuring it out and with God blessing has grown a church that other ordinary people can learn from.

You talk about a balanced diet. This conference is going to be amazing.

On a personal note another thing that fires me up is one of my breakouts on Breaking the Discipleship Code my favorite subject. I’m reworking my stuff and it is going to rock. In previous talks I have spent most of my time btdc11talking about discipleship from the single lens of Christology. What I’ve come to realize is that there are three lens we must view

discipleship from. They are Christology, missiology, and eccesiology. With that in mind I will attempt to answer three questions: 1) What is a follower of Jesus? (Christology) 2) What is the disciples primary function? (missiology) and, 3) What does that look like in the world through his community called the church? (eccesiology) At the end of the day we will be putting handlebars on the mission of Jesus through his church in our context. I think Ed Stetzer and I put it this way in Breaking the Missional Code, “our tension is to be Biblically faithful and culturally relevant at the same time”. This is the role of the missional disciples. It’s going to be challenging and fun to talk about this stuff.


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