Building a Launch Team

If you are going to plant a church you need to begin by building a launch team.  That’s right a team.  Don’t dare plant a church by yourself.  Church planting is team sport!  If you can’t build a launch team don’t plant.  A good launch team has two churchplanterslogokey components: a ministry or staff team and a core group or a group of spiritual investors committed to helping you launch the team.  

This post will focus on the ministry/staff team.  There are at lease three types of leaders every church plant would benefit greatly from when building a launch team.  

o   Visionary/Communicator (Lead Pastor) – This goes without saying, but every church plant needs a visionary/communicator.  This is not to say that the lead planter’s only responsibility is to cast vision and communicate, but it is and will be his primary role throughout the life of the church.  Every lead pastor/planter needs skills and gifts related to casting vision, financing the mission, leading the team, and communicating. (see previous post on job description of a lead pastor).  

 o   Creative/Tech (Worship Pastor) – We were three years into the planting of Mountain Lake Church before we had our first worship pastor.  Up until then we had a rotation of regular and not-so-regular worship leaders.  While we were able to pull it off I wouldn’t recommend this as part of anyones start up strategy.  We happen to plant  in an area where there were a large pool of worship leaders to draw from.  At the same time our young church plant experienced exponential momentum once we finally secure a worship leader who wanted to be worship pastor and shared the vision of the church.   

o   Detail/Implementer  (Connection Pastor) – There are hundreds of task that have to be implement on a weekly bases when planting a church.  A second staff person who has a bent toward details and a gift and character to execute is essential for developing the many systems and processes necessary in planting a church.  Often a church planter will choose a family, children, and/or student pastor to help them plant.  While these type of ministry focus leaders are beneficial they can’t replace the value of having someone who can work with large number of volunteers in the implementation of all the systems while mobilizing the volunteers to run the systems.    

For these and other helpful insights into launching join me for my pre-conference workshop Launching Large: Milestones for Planting a Missional Church on February 23 at our annual conference.  



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