day one recap

1.  God was as he is always amazingly faithful.  Jesus was lifted up! 

2.  Our volunteers once again were over the top.  They are the BEST volunteers in the world.  I’m not the only one saying this!

3.  Our partners are an amazing group of people with big hearts for what God is doing in his kingdom.  It’s neat to see their willing to give of their own resources and time to connect with church planters. 

4.  Our ministry team at Mountain Lake Church is an amazing group of leaders.  Their heart for serving the kingdom and ability to execute shows up in every detail of our conference.  

5.  The church planters that attend our conference are amazing followers of Jesus.  There eagerness to learn, connect, serve, lead, etc. is so apparent.  God is doing a great work and through this unique breed of church planters. 

6.  Our speakers for the day were over the top.  Shawn Lovejoy my pastor and partner with did an incredible joy talking about leading in uncertain times. His talk took a lot of guts and is one of those teachings that can make every leader a better leader and every church planter a better church.  A must for all to get ahold of.  Ed Stetzer my friend and co-author with breaking the missional code did an incredible job of taking about one of my favorite subjects discipleship.  It was a keeper Ed…preach and teach this one everywhere you go. 

7.  Our breakout speakers could have traded spaces with our main session speakers.  They are among some of the most noted leaders in the country.  A special thanks to them for being willing to serve God and share their gifts and calling at 

8.  Our Pre-Conference Workshops had about fifty people signed up, but a hundred decided to show up.  They were all filled with ton’s of practical ministry experience and tools.  A special thanks to Chad and Autumn Ward for leading Children’s Ministry for the Ground Up and for John Shepherd and Louie Lovoy for leading onnecting People Quickly: Moving Disconnected People into a Spiritual Process.  

It was truly an amazing day…I can’t wait to see what God has in store for today.  To HIM be the glory.  


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