What If I’m Wrong?

What if I’m wrong?  This question has been nagging me for some time.  It happen a few months back when I began to read and reread the Gospels.  I was struck by the way Jesus began his public ministry, “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near” (Matthew 4:17).  It’s easy to read this through my religious lens that assumes that btdc4I’m always right.  However, lately I’ve been asking the question, “What if I’m wrong?”  

What if the way I read scripture is tainted by years and years of religious tradition that has inadvertently nudged Jesus out the door?  That’s why I’ve spent so much time reading and rereading the Gospels.  Recently I blogged about leaving this strange kind of fast and moving on to the rest of Scripture.  

The last couple of days I have been reading and rereading Galatians.  Paul reminds us that we are no longer under the curse of the Law.  He even refers to the Law as a”yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1) reminding that Jesus invited us into a different kind of yoke; one that is defined with terms like “easy and light”.  

Back to my question.  What if I’m Wrong?  I really believe that I am about so many things.  I don’t think I’m alone.  I think as the church we have lost our way.  Like the Pharisees some of us have made it all about morality.  Like the Zealots others of us have made it about fighting back with words and deeds.  Others of us are like the Essenses.  We have withdrawn from culture and created our own kind of super spiritual religious subculture.  

The truth of the matter Jesus invites us into a whole new way.  However we have to leave the old way in order to live the new way.  That’s why I wake each day and ask God to show me his way assuming I’ve been wrong about something if not many things.  

Pick up a copy of Breaking the Discipleship Code to learn more about how to loose our religion and rediscover the simplicity of Jesus and his ways.


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