Church Planters Are Learners!

A number of years back Ed Stetzer did some research for a group I worked with.  We wanted to evaluate the systems we employed for equipping and facilitating church planting.  At the time we were planting over a 1000 churches a year, but too many of them did not survive to become viable missional churches.  At the same timechurchplanterslogo there was one group of churches that stood out.  This group of churches led the pack in every statistical significant category.  These churches had more people in weekend attendance, in small groups, serving as volunteers, and going public with their faith through baptism.  In evaluating their effectiveness there was one critical path that stood out.  It appeared these leaders responded in a similar way to the question, “Do you participate in any kind of mentoring process and if so how often?” They all indicated that they participated at least once a week in some kind of mentoring or coaching relationship.  Taking a deeper look it became apparent that these guys weren’t always in an official structured mentoring or coaching relationship, but that they had an incredible hunger to learn form those who were doing it.  

Since that study I have seen this pattern repeat itself over and over again.  The brightest and the best are that way because they are committed to learning the discipline of church planting, leadership, missions, etc.  Grant it there are other factors at play, but this one is significant.  They do their homework! They are constantly seeking out opportunities and people to learn from. 

With that in mind let me tell you are some upcoming opportunities through and some of our partners that you don’t want to miss.  

Zero to Sixty –  If you are in the Atlanta area and you are laying the groundwork for a new church you will want to check this conference out.  Drop what you are doing and had over to Avalon Church on April 2.  Use BOB-50 code and get a 50% discount off the already low $49.95 price.  

Exponential Conference – Once again the gage will be leading the Post-Launch Track.  Our track theme this year is Capacity and you don’t want to miss hearing from Efrem Smith, Will Mancini, Matt Chandler, Troy McMahon, Scott Hodges, Shawn Lovejoy and myself.  Don’t miss this one April 21-23.

Sticky Church – We will be hosting the Sticky Church Conference on May 11.  This conference presents an incredible opportunity to connect with the sticky leaders from North Coast Church in San Diego. Coaching Network- Join us for a regular coaching relationship beginning in August.  Each Coaching Networks meets one day a month for five consecutive months around our Best Practices.  


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