Discipleship Insights

I just returned from Billings, Montana where I had the opportunity to speak to a bunch of pastor’s on discipleship.  Whenever I do something like this God always gives me new insight.  I thought I would share a little with you.  Check out the chart I created.  If you look across the vertical lines you will see the words live, love, and leave.  My definition of a disciples.  Some one who “lives like Jesus, loves, like Jesus, and leaves what Jesus left behind (people who live and love like Jesus).  We are always going to reproduce what we are so it is important that our own followship flows out of an understand of what it means to follow Jesus.  slide1

The horizontal lines represent the simple structure we use at Mountain Lake Church.  We call them the 5Gs.  These are the five things we want every person who comes to MLC to do.  

Here’s the point of the diagram.  It really doesn’t matter if you have 5Gs or 10Ss.  What really matters is that whatever your structure might look like that you begin with a clear understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus and that you are committed to follow him. 

When you begin with Jesus and your understanding of what it means to follow him you will leverage your structure to make disciples.  When you begin with your structure and don’t clearly understand what it means to be a disciple you are going to make some really good religious people.  

Order does matter.  You have to begin with Jesus and his ways or you are destined for failure.  That’s why it is so important that we loose our religion and rediscover Jesus and his ways.


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