Missional Weddings

One of the key questions I attempt to answer in Breaking the Discipleship Code is “What does a missional follower of Jesus look like in ________________?”  Well…Bill Yaccino attempts to answers this question as it relates to those outside of the church and Christ who are seeking to be married.  Grant it that what he does is filled with controversy for some. rings 

At the same time Bill has raised an important question, “Is there a missional role for us in relationship to conducting marriages for those outside of the church?” 

As you know I am constantly challenging others to rethink their understanding of Jesus and not assume they are right.  After all, Jesus began his public ministry with the word, “repent”.  Maybe a little repenting is in order when it comes to how we approach our role in weddings.  

Take a moment and check out the article Bill wrote for Relevant Magazine on “Pastor, Will You Help Us?”.

Don’t forget to visit Bill’s website at www.WeddingPastorsUSA.org.


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