Jesus Withdrew

Jesus withdrew so why is it so hard for me to withdraw?  Can you relate?  I was hoping to take tomorrow off after a long hard run and just before another one.  Unfortunately I have an appointment that I need to keep.  

At the same time I still need to withdraw before a super long day happens on Sunday and I’m out of the house by 5:30 am Monday headed to the airport for Exponential.  

So here’s my plan:  I’m going to jump on my motorcycle Thursday afternoon and point it toward South Carolina.  After a three hour drive I will pull into my parent’s home where my dad has already promised the grill will be hot.  I will hang out with my parents, get up the next morning and eat some incredible breakfast, look over my talk on Financing the Mission for Exponential, and jump back on my bike and head home to ATL.  

While I’m in route my e-mail will fill up, I will numerous calls that only I can attend to, and people who want to meet with me will wonder why I didn’t make time for them.  Perhaps the only person who will understand my need to get away is my wonderful wife who secretly will celebrate my departure and an evening without demands of her somewhat awesome hubby. 

Friday evening we will back together, grab a movie, have some diner, snuggle closely like to high school sweethearts.  On Saturday I will repair the carpet in my bedroom.  Did I mention that I flooded our upstairs yesterday?  Maybe not, but one of the indications I need a six hour bike ride.  On Sunday I’m back in the saddle and by Monday I will be ready to lay it on the line with hundreds of church planters and church planting leaders!  Why?   Because I withdrew.  It’s the Jesus way!  


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