Really Cool Day!


I had a really cool day today.  I spent most of it with my son.  Many of you know he is in the Army and serves as a Fire Support Specialist with the 82nd Airborne (In the rear on patrol in Afghanistan).  I am really proud as heck of him.  He just returned from some training and I haven’t seen him in about two months.  In August he will be deployed for his second time to Afghanistan.  He will be getting married shortly before he deploys.  We are going to have a beach wedding and I’m doing it.  I can’t wait.  

We got to ride our bikes together through the North Georgia Mountains, had lunch with his bride to be, and shopped for some bling.  I finished the night on the back patio having dinner with my sweety pie.  

I need to take a quick run to the store…I’m itching to jump back on my bike.  There something about spring evenings, starry nights, and a big motorcycle.  

It’s great to kickback after a long hard run.


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