Sticky Church Conference

We are hosting the Sticky Church Conference on Monday, May 11 at Mountain Lakeupdated Sticky Church Church.  We currently have 77 percent of our adults participating in a small group.  Bring your team this Monday and discover how you can become a stickier church.  You don’t want to miss Larry Osborne, Greg Surrant, or Shawn Lovejoy in the main sessions.  If that’s not enough John Shepherd and I will be leading a breakout on building a sticky staff.  If you are in the Atlanta area you don’t want to miss this opportunity to become a stickier church.  We can’t wait to hang out with you.

Sign up today and take advantage of buy one get one free!


2 responses to “Sticky Church Conference

  1. Dave, what is this?? Great name. It is on my anniversary. I’ll tweet it out and put it on my blog…just give me a few details.

    Angie started at UNC…that was better…but is showing some weird symptoms…shaking hands, blurred vision, weight loss – please pray. Also, a teacher at Zach and ChrisAnne’s school (who was LOVED by all) was arrested for having sex with a 10 year old boy. She was the dance teacher and both my kids had her. Been quite a few months!

    • Hey dude…sorry I missed you. I will try to call you back later…the kids are in and we are having mexican night. I left you a message about the conference on Monday….Sticky Church is put on my North Coast Ministry. They are the pioneers of the multi-site movement and have grown to over 8000 with zero marketing. They are very ordinary, relational driven, and small group centered.

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