My Son’s Getting Married!

Dave and Biddy

I am so excited my son is getting married this summer.  He is having a beach wedding on June 26th.  I will be doing the wedding one of the big honors of my life.  Here is a picture of him with his bride to be.  He and Biddy have been together through three years.  They have endured so much together with the army thing.  They both are troopers.  They both of great givers which is going to set them up for a wonderful life.  This picture was taken at the Green Ramp at Fort Bragg after 15 long months in Afghanistan.  He will be leaven for 12 more months in August.  Keep these guys in your prayers and thanks so much for all of you who have prayed for them.


2 responses to “My Son’s Getting Married!

  1. i am soooo excited too!!!! it will be wonderful! they make a great couple!

  2. they are a real sweet couple! i know they will be very happy, we love them both!! nana and papa

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