New Book Cover for DETOX

My editor sent me a draft of my new book cover for DETOX: for the overly religious!  It is really cool.  This is part of the book publishing process I really like.  The work of writing the manuscript is almost over.  The draft has been submitted.  All twenty-one chapters have been written.  Now I get to go back and make it better.  I’ve already thought of chapters I wish I had written.  Saturday I had an experience while cruising the North Georgia Mountains on my motorcycle that brought clarity to me on what it means to follow Jesus using the metaphor of “the journey”.  This weekend I think I will work it in as a chapter.  What will I cut or will I just add another.  

I wrote this book take people on a journey so it seems fitting.  I’m stoked.  I can’t wait to share the cover with you, but not yet.  I can’t wait to share the book with you.  I’m learning so much these days.  I can’t believe what God is doing to set me free from religion.  I never knew a relationship with Jesus could be so good!


One response to “New Book Cover for DETOX

  1. you are at a good place with Jesus…you’ve found how to live in His presence, keep passing “the Way” on to all of us. i love your writings and i know how honest and true they are because i know you.

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