Road Trip!

My dad turns 70 tomorrow!  I’m taking today off to make the trip to see him.  He doesn’t know I’m coming.  He doesn’t read my blog so this won’t give it away to him.  To him I’m not a writer or blogger, I’m just his son.  I like it dad,dave,methat away.  He just accepts me for who I am no matter what I do or don’t do.  He is a whole lot like my heavenly Father.  When I was a kid I lost my ways and got strung out on drugs and alcohol.  That was a long time ago.  I got so bad and disruptive to my family I had to leave.  When I ran out of road and had no way to go I call him from a city in the north east.  I asked him if I could come home.  Here was his response, “You come home!  It doesn’t matter what you have done and where you have been it will never be mentioned here.  It’s over.”  I went home.  That was over thirty years ago.  He killed the fatted calve, put a robe on my back, sandals on my feet, and threw a party.  At one point I thought I overheard him telling my older sister, “Your brother was once lost, now he is found.  He was once blind, now he sees.  He was once dead, now he is alive again.”  My life has been all the different because of it.  

On my way home I’m going to stop by Wilkes and get three of their best steaks.  Usually when I come home he cooks me a steak.  Today I’m going to surprise him and tonight I am going to cook him some of the best steaks in the south.  I can’t wait to hang out with him.  He is and always will be my father, best friend, coach, mentor, pastor, and hero. 

He became a follower of Jesus at 32.  I was twelve at the time.  God restore our home and gave us a new life.  He became a pastor at 35 and has pastored the same church for the last 32 years.  I recently told him thanks for finishing well.  His response was, “Son don’t thank me yet I’m not done.”  I am what I am today largely because of him.  He taught me everything I know about ministry.  I am so proud of my dad.  I am a man most blessed.  Happy birthday, dad!


3 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. David, I served in Laurens with Your Dad and had the honor of preaching in his pulpit. For the almost five years that I was there – we met at least once a week for prayer and of course biscuits! He is a great man who loves the Lord with an incredible love. I hope that you have a great trip and tell him that Michael Joe that used to pastor at Hillcrest says Happy Birthday!

  2. willhendersonlive

    Hey David your post today was a great reminder to me of Jesus at work. God is using a faithful Pastor in Carolina to impact the people of Australia. Jesus used and still uses your Dad to impact you. Jesus is using you to impact me. And I believe Jesus is at work in and through me to impact the people of Australia. A bit of 2 Timothy 2:2 happening and I love being a part of it.

  3. willhendersonlive

    BTW let your Dad know I appreciate him and “Happy Birthday” from his Aussie mates.

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