One Decision From Stupid!

He found himself alone in his study with what some would call a very hot young lady.  She came to her pastor to inhuge.31.155102form him of some inappropriate behavior she had experienced from someone else.  The room became hot as she described her concern.  Something wasn’t right.  She shifted the conversation, “Pastor, you’ve never responded this way to me (pause)? Don’t you find me attractive (pause)? Don’t you want me (pause)?

With much resolve he replied, “Yes I find you attractive and if I did what I wanted to I would give you exactly what you want.  However, when I consider what that would do to this church, to my parents, to my children, my wife, and to my God I can’t bear to consider the consequences.  Now get out of my office and don’t come back.

Let’s face it we are all one decision from stupid! Nurturing vitality is key to not only finishing well, but running well also.  To many leaders are falling short and falling out simply because they invest all of their energy into ministry and fail to take care of themselves.  This tendency to neglect oneself ends up in fatigue, depression, stress, and anxiety.  This often leads to inappropriate relationships, pornography, and addiction.

Nurture vitality is one of our six leadership Best Practices.  We are observing and learning that those who have the best quality life and the greatest impact begin by paying close attention and spending lots of time nurturing their own vitality.  It is our desire at to give church planters and pastors of new churches perspective and permission to back off the throttle and enjoy the adventure of greater ministry impact.  Nurturing your own spiritual vitality is your first and most important responsibility.  You can’t lead others until you lead yourself.

Why not begin a more intentional journey of nurturing vitality by joining our upcoming coaching network?  In our coaching network you will not only learn how to make nurturing vitality a part of your leadership practices, but you discover how to be mean about the vision, finance the mission, build teams, redefine discipleship, and go missional.  For more information on how to participate in our Best Practices Coaching Networks go to today.


5 responses to “One Decision From Stupid!

  1. Thanks David,
    I’ve benefited tremendously from the coaching network and appreciate everything you are doing for so many of us. If you all decide to do some type of continuation for those of us who have already participated, please let me know- I’m definitely interested.
    -Brian Jones

  2. Wow – it seems to me like a contrived justification for those in positions of power to take luxuries.

  3. I must say that this post is great. However, you are correct when you had said that a lot of pastors do not take the time to take care of themselves. I knew a few pastors that did not take time for themselves and thus the result of it was loosing good members of their church. God Bless you for what you are trying to do here with your blog and with the website.

  4. I just did a message tonight about being a slave to righteousness not by force but by desire. This pastor made a good slave’s choice.

    I’ll be checking back from time to time.

  5. michellegracetoledo

    Hi, I love your post. Keep it up 🙂

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