My Son Is Now A Married Man!

I had the honor of marrying my son this past Friday evening.  We spent the week in Destin, Florida, at our friends Don and Rose Short’s place and wrapped it up with a beach wedding.  We had about 40 family and friends show up, which was amazing since we didn’t wedding partysend out invitations.  We are so thankful to God for the many wonderful people God has put in our lives.  Some of our friends and family who came were:

Amanda Putman.  My awesome daughter.  Look out girl…you’re  next!

Casey and Kacie Graham.  Casey’s responsibility was to clear the beach prior to the wedding.  I don’t think there was a soul within two miles once he was finished.  If you need someone to clear the area call Casey.

Rodney and Sara Anderson.  Rodney helped one of our friends put the finishing touches on the decor leading to the beach.  If you need someone to decorate consider hiring Rodney.

Mike and Marlene Buckelew.  Mike and Marlene have been two of our closest friends since Mountain Lake started.  Mike did the wedding pictures and took some of the most amazing pictures in the world.  Marlene worked with my wife to make sure the after party was fit for a new bride and groom.  It was awesome.

Buddy and Cindy Ward.  They came over from Fort Walton to join us for the wedding and party.  I love you guys for giving us the gift of your presence and time.

Jason Conway and Walter.  They are not a couple, but two of my son’s Army comrades.  Jason was Dave’s best man and took half of his leave before their soon deployment to Afghanistan to support his friend.  Jason, thanks for expanding your box.  Walter is a new friend for us who came along for the ride.  He and Jason and now traveling

dave and biddycross country.  Walter I will never forget “Charlie Company! Don’t shoot.”

Jess Sterling and Carrie.  Jess is Dave’s cousin.  Jess played the guitar and did an awesome job.

Dearld and Jane Sterling.  Jane is my sister.  She is the ultimate party girl.  It wouldn’t have been the same without her.  I don’t know what I would have done without her there to humble me before my friends.  I owe you one Jane!

Becky Cooper (maiden name) and husband.  Becky is one of Tami’s high school girlfriends.  First time we have seen her in about fifteen years.  It was really special to have her there.

Biddy’s entire family made it which included her Mom, grandparents, three sisters, brother, brother in law and several friends. We were all blown away.

Now we are back home recovering and getting back in the grove.  It was a vacation and wedding I will hold dear forever.  Thanks to all for making it so special.


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