You Need a Coach

I recently had the opportunity to spend a year with Will Henderson from Brisbane, Australia.  Here is a post from his blog.  You can read it here or check out Will’s other post at

At we offer two types of coaching networks for lead pastors of new or young churches:  Coaching Network hosted at Mountain Lake Church with Shawn Lovejoy and David Putman and Tele-Coaching Network with David Putman.

You need a coach

Having a great coach really is the difference maker. It really is. Think about any premiership winning sporting team, they always have an exceptional coach. I don’t know any side that’s won the cup without a coach. I can also confidently say that this principle transfers into other areas of life having spent the last year being mentored and coached in church planting by Pastor David Putman at Mountain Lake Church. David’s personal coaching has reinforced my confidence in the truth of Jesus to change broken lives, increased my vision for His kingdom, clarified the systems that healthy churches employ small or large and ultimately humbled my posture regarding the things that are out of my control. I look forward to returning to plant a new church in Brisbane, Australia with greater clarity and passion primarily due to the investment that he and others like Pastors Shawn Lovejoy, Ray Ortlund, Michael Lukaszewski, Tyler Powell, Bob Robbins, Steve Addison, Dave Fandey and David Rogers (to name just a few) have made in my life.

I believe there are basically three types of coaches; personal, strategic and skill (there may be more). I’ll begin unpacking these over the next few days. BTW if you’re considering getting a coach for church planting check out, David and Shawn do an excellent job of building healthy planters.


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