Overcoming the Overwhelming!

It’s crazy!  There is more to do then time or people to do it!  Deadlines seem impossible to meet!  Tensions are high!  Where’s David? I thought Bob was coming by? Who’s setting up the chairs? What about us?  Who?  Me and thestressed-out1 kids?  It’s just a season!  That’s what you said last time!  I gotta get it done!!!!  Give me a break!

What do you do when life is coming at you in rapid-fire-succession!  That’s where we are living our lives these days at Mountain Lake Church.  We are headed into the final countdown until our sneak peek services this Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 am.  We are down to 24 hours and counting.  We have worked for this moment for the past two years.  In seven more days we are going to do it again only this time for our community.  It’s going to be amazingly awesome, but at the same time amazingly stressful.

I’m sure you can relate!  Maybe it’s a wedding, contract deadline, impossible travel schedule, project, vacation, or countless other things that tend to come at us at breakneck speed.

Here are some quick thoughts from the trenches.

  • Jump Start Your Emotional System – Do something legal that gives you a rush.  The other night Tami and I got caught in a downpour while walking.  It was great!  We felt alive!  Have a pillow fight!  Ride a go-cart!  Rent a Harley!  Watch an action movie in 3D!  Get electrical-shock-treatment.  Do something, don’t just sit there.
  • Take a Tylenol PM – Can’t sleep.  Waking up in the middle of the night.  Your mind won’t shut down.  One Tylenol PM goes a long way.  Don’t abuse it, but after a few nights of tossing and turning I pop one and it does wonders for a tired body and an overworked mind.
  • Make Quick Decisions – You know you have hit the wall when you are at that point where every decision is overwhelming.  We make hundreds of decisions every day.  No plan is perfect…work the plan.  Give and receive grace.  Don’t do stupid stuff and make stupid decisions, but at the same time don’t sweat the small stuff.
  • Keep It In Perspective – We get to do this!  Count your blessings, not your challenges.  I get to love my family.  I have one that loves me!  I get to help lead MLC! I get to write books! I get to co-lead churchplanters.com!  I get to travel around the world training pastors and putting in wells!  I got to wash dishes this morning!  I had to take out the trash!  I’m alive and well!  I am bless!  I get to go to MLC on my day off and help finish up our move in!  It’s going to be an awesome day!
  • Involve Your Family – I spent yesterday running around with my daughter getting stuff for our move-in.  It was a great time of connecting and doing life with my little girl who is no so little anymore.  Today Tami and I will spend our afternoon and evening doing whatever it takes.  It’s going to be a blast!

I’ve got to go…things are heating up.  Don’t overheat!

“I have come that you might have life and have it to the full!” (Jesus)


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