Avoiding Church Planters Bankruptcy

Many churches fail to make it beyond two years because they fail to finance the mission.  Here are some simple principles that will keep you out of church planters bankruptcy.bankruptcy

  • Raise at least two years of salary support before you ever move to the field.  Chances are it is going to take you longer then you think to get things rolling and especially self-sustaining.
  • It isn’t money in the bank until it’s in the bank.  Unfortunately just because someone say they are going to support you doesn’t mean they are going to support you.
  • Take responsibility for financing the mission.  If you are the lead pastor or church planter you are responsible.
  • Work off of a spending plan from day one.  You need three things in starting a church: 1) salary support, 2) start up budget, 3) operational budget.
  • Model the way from day one.  Generosity is caught, even more so then it is taught.
  • Pay yourself and your team what you need, not what you are worth.  If you want what you are worth go do something else.  Church planting is a sacrifice.
  • Make the big ask.  Jesus tells us we have not because we fail to ask.  It never hurts to ask.  The worst thing that can happen is for someone to say no.
  • If you can’t raise the support, don’t plant a church.  Failure to raise the support could be a good indication of other things to come.

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