Following Jesus!

I love taking the next mountain or winning at whatever I am doing.  If I blogging ,I want more blog readers.  If I’m facebooking, I want more friends.  If I tweeting I want more twitters!  If I’m writing books, I want more readers.  It doesn’t stop there, I can’t wait to conquer the next mountain or get my next big assignment form God.  I want to win big and the bigger the better.follow Jesus

Yesterday I heard God in a whisper and it reminded me that God isn’t really impressed with my need for more and bigger.  Actually God is more concern with the simple, the small, the whisper.  Jesus invites us to follow him.  Following him means he is the leader and I’m the follower.  Following him means in order for him to lead my life I must watch  and see what he is doing and listen to hear where he is going.  When I see him at work it is my invitation to join him.  When I hear his voice it is most often his prodding me on as my leader.

When I really listen to him I hear him in the details of my life.  Yesterday I spoke harshly to someone I care about.  Today I hear Jesus telling me to go to that person and apologize.  As I thought about this I determined to share why I responded the way I did giving the person I’m apologizing to some responsibility.  Jesus said “no”, just apologize.  Yesterday I spoke out of turn in a lady at my group.  I don’t think she even notice.  Jesus said, “That’s not the way I would of handle it.”  In a few minutes I was able to apologize and affirm what the lady was saying.  Yesterday my insecurities led me to respond to an e-mail inappropriately.  Through a friend Jesus told me to exercise grace and walk in humility.  That’s what I’m trying to do now.

What I’m learning is Jesus is really very close to me.  I’m not always as close to him, but he really wants me to follow him.  However, following him is in the simple details of relationship and life.  It’s not about taking the next hill and winning at the next whatever.  It’s about living in the moment in relationship to him and others.  It’s about living in such a way that when he calls, I will hear and be ready to follow.  Sometimes that leads to taking the next hill or winning at whatever, but it never begins there.

“Come follow me and I will make you to become fishers of men”…,  not “become a great fisher of men and you can follow me”.  “Follow me!”  That’s right, simply follow him!


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