Another Deployment to Afghanistan

It’s been a week since I last posted.  I have a good one I’m working on called “Make Quick Decisions”.  It addresses creating organizations structures that allow you to make quick decision.  It should go up on Tuesday.

dave in afghanistan

For the past week or so I have been preoccupied with seeing my son off on his next deployment to Afghanistan.  It really bites.  I will probably be preoccupied a lot over the next year.  I did want to introduce you to him by way of post so that you might keep him in your prayers along with the other soldiers.  As he gets settled in I will post more often on him keeping you informed.   When he returns out of

the last 40 months of his life he will have spent 28 of them in Afghanistan.  He is on the frequent flying program with the 82nd Airborne where he serves as a Fire Support Specialist with 4-73 Recon Unit.

I’ve included a couple of pics for you to get to know him a little.  They are: 1) He is somewhere in Eastern Afghanistan at about 11,000 feet.  His previous deployment was in the east on the Pakistan border.  This deployment is in the west on the Iranian border.  He will be in the wild west of Afghanistan.

2) In this picture he is on his Harley Deuce.  It’s a sweet bike that’s lean and fast.  One of the things dave on bikewe do together is cruise on our bikes.  In the meantime I will have keep both of them going.  I can’t wait to get him home where we can cruise the North Georgia mountains once again.  He has two bikes, but I’m assigned with the task of selling one and helping him find a bass boat for when he returns.  I love it that he knows how to have fun and enjoy life.  He is teaching me a lot.

3)  The best for last! He and Kristina decided to tie the knot before he went back. Here they are on the beachdave and biddy on beach following their vows.  I’ve never seen two people so compatible and so in love.  It’s really neat seeing how they relate.  I can’t wait until they are together again.


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