I Hate Fasting!

Fasting! I’d rather eat! I really would. I’m just being honest.  Can you relate?  However, lately God has been changing my mind and now my heart about fasting.  I think one of the reasons I dislike it is because I’ve struggled with connecting fasting to the Jesus way.  Jesus clearly tells us not to fast while he is with us.  He also tells us not fast like the religious crowd fast.prayfast

Here is what I’ve been hearing over the past few hours when it comes to fasting.  First, I don’t like to fast because I don’t understand it.  Most of my fasting has been about me.  When I make my plans and determine my direction I have been guilty of pulling a fast out of my religious arsenal to get a little spiritual lift.  I have gotten the cart before the horse.   What I hear the Father telling me is I need to fast before I make my plans and determine my steps.  Fasting in this context becomes about listening to God in order that I might hear him and following him in obedience.

Secondly, I think I have disliked fasting because most of my fasting has been characterized by my conversation with God.  I am so busy telling God what to do I fail to hear him tell me what to do.  Jesus also tells us not to pray with vain repetition like the pagan do.  Often my prayers are just that.  This is not to say there isn’t a time for intercession, there certainly is.  A time of fasting can and should be filled with my pleas to our good Father.  At the same time I sense for me my prayers need to be more about being still and hearing what the Father has for me.  God wants to speak into my loud and busy life.  He wants to show me his way.  When I sit before him with my ears and eyes open ready to receive I hear and see him.

When I hear and see him it is then time to break the fast and follow him.  “Father, show me your way!”

What I love about fasting is hearing from the Father!


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