Drink Coffee. Do Good.

IMG_0316Up until the last couple of years Mountain Lake Church has the reputation of being a Starbuck Church.  All that changed when I met Robert Crow of Land of a 1000 Hills. For the last three years we have partnered with Land of a 1000 Hills at Mountain Lake Church and through churchplanters.com.  Two interesting facts that I recently learned; 1) We buy more coffee then any church in America, and 2) We provided a living wage for 18 families in Rwanda through the coffee we purchased.

I went down to Land of 1000 Hills coffee shop today and had a blast hanging out with Robert and talking about how through our partnership we can impact the world, especially Rwanda.

Robert will be serving coffee at our February 22-23, 2010 churchplanters.com conference.  Don’t miss Rick Warren, Steven Furtick, Alan Hirsch, Dave Gibbon, Ed Young, Matt Carter, Larry Osborne, Pete Wilson, Brian Bloye, Shawn Lovejoy, Tony Morgan, Will Mancini, Tim Stevens, Charles Hill, myself and many others.

Why not give a gift that has a purpose behind it this Christmas.  Pick up a bag of coffee at our Mountain Lake Resource center or order coffee today at www.drinkcoffeedogood.com.


One response to “Drink Coffee. Do Good.

  1. cant wait to got with you to the coffee house..

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