drink coffee. do good.

In 2007 Mountain Lake made the decision to turn our Sunday morning coffee service into a global ministry. We replaced the Starbucks coffee we served, with a more intentional brew – Rwandan Specialty Coffee.  By doing so Mountain Lake has partnered with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company for over 3 years working towards bringing redemption to the people of war torn Rwanda. By brewing and making it easy for our congregation to buy bags of coffee through our church, we have transformed what was once an ordinary cup of joe, into a global outreach opportunity. For our people, it is a tangible example of how we as Christians can live out our faith and be intentional and mission focused through the simplest of acts – drinking Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee. In the process we have provided over 18 Rwandan families with not only a year’s worth of average rural living wages, but the opportunity to work together in a nation still healing from the world’s fastest genocide and a people desperate to experience a loving, living example of Christianity at work.

When we started Mountain Lake it was our desire to put a cup of coffee in the hands of every attendee to change the way people think about church. Each week as people pour into church we pour thousands of cups of coffee.  We had no idea that this simple act could mean so much and today we are literally changing the world by providing Land of a Thousands Hills Coffee. We are also pleased to announce that Land of a Thousands Hills Coffee Company will be one of our platinum partners at our February 22-23, 2010 churchplanters.com conference.  Hurry up and register by November 30 to take advantage of the $99 early bird pricing.


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