Advance Copy of Detox for the Overly Religious

I just received my very first copy of Detox for the Overly Religious. I wasn’t expecting it so it was a real surprise!  I started dreaming and working on this concept about 24 months ago.  There’s nothing like holding the finished product in your hand.  Here are some of the things I like about it.

1.  You can find it in the Christian Living section.  My first book Breaking the Missional Code I co-authored with Ed Stetzer is listed under Social Theology.  The funny thing about BTMC is it’s been in the top 5 books in this category since 2006.  I never intended to write a book on Social Theology.  With Detox I really wanted to write a book that could help the masses and not just a few social theologians.

2.  The design and cover is just really cool.  The guys at B&H and GearBox knocked it out of the park.  Check it out for yourself.  

3.  I love the price.  You can pick it up at for $10.39.  The right price for our current economic times.

4.  It has no endorsements on it from famous people, pastors, or authors.  The theme is really simple, so it made sense to keep it simple.  If it sells I want it to do so because of God’s blessing and favor, and not because someone of significance wrote something on the back of it.

5.  It’s written devotionally. I wrote it so that you could read a chapter a day and go really deep.  That is deep in thought.  I pray that it might be life changing.  Each chapter is followed by some probing questions and a little space to pen you thoughts.  It was written to drink like a good cup of coffee.  With a friend and over time.

6.  It’s all about Jesus and his ways.  Not a lot of fancy theology here, just a simple journey into living like Jesus, loving like Jesus, and leaving what Jesus left behind.

7.  It releases January 1, 2010.  What a great time to start a journey.

8.  Writing this book changed my life or something like that.  This book is primarily about losing my religion and rediscovering the simplicity and centrality of Jesus.  I’m convinced that on of the greatest challenges to our life and relationship with Jesus is religion.  When I wrote this book the veil was removed from my eyes.  I had no idea how often Jesus confronted religion in his life.  I can now see how easy it is for religion to consume us or us consume it and Jesus gets totally nudged out of our lives unaware.

9.  I already have several new idea for the next book.  Which means I get to continue the journey.  One thought is a simple step-by-step devotional on how to follow Jesus.  At the core of Jesus’ way is a simply command to “follow”.  Why is following him so unclear?  Could it be religion?  Maybe.  This project would be written similar to an Experiencing God type workbook.  Another project would be a book titled something like, The Irreligious Kingdom of Jesus. It would explore Jesus core teachings on the kingdom and heaven and what following him looks like free of religion.  It would be a continuation of the conversation in Detox only deeper.

Why not pre-order a copy of Detox for the Overly Religious and start your New Year out making your way through it.


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