Jesus Is Our Study Course

If finding the right curriculum was the answer to making disciples we would all be disciples.  There are some really good curriculums out there.  Yet why do we invest in “becoming” by pouring through curriculum after curriculum just to end up in the same place?  Could it be that we are wrong when it comes to our basic understanding of discipleship.  What if discipleship is really about relationships?  What if becoming a disciples and discipling others require a total reorientation of our lives?  What if it requires a kind of repenting?  What if it meant reorientation of our churches?  I believe it could.

Jesus came to show us a whole new way.  “Jesus’ priority wasn’t a curriculum.  His priority was spending his life in intimate relationships with others.  He chose those he wanted to be with.  We know them as his disciples, but they were much more.  They were his friends, and he chose to spend his life with them.  He didn’t take them through a study course, an intense Bible study, or a twenty-six week discipleship program. He simply lived with them.  Jesus’ life was his study course” (excerpt from Chapter 17,  Study Course…It’s Your Life. Detox for the overly religious).

Why not take a journey by picking up several copies of Detox for the overly religious and doing life with a few friends as you make your way through it.  What better time than when you begin a new year?  

Don’t miss Velocity our February 22-23, 2010 church planting conference.  Join me at Velocity where I will be speaking on Detox for the overly religious.  At Velocity you can also hear from Rick Warren, Ed Young, Steven Furtick, Dave Gibbons, Alan Hirsch, Shawn Lovejoy, Pete Wilson, Shaun King, Will Mancini, Larry Osborne, Darrin Patrick and many others.  You can register today for $129 at


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