Guy On the Stage

I received the greatest honor I’ve ever received this pass weekend.  I was teaching in our weekend services on Detox for the Overly Religious.  At the end of the first service I was in the lobby connecting with people when a man came up handing  me a note.  I stuck it in my pocket for later.  Sunday evening I reached in my pocket and pulled it out and started reading it.  It began, “Dear Guy on the Stage”.  It turns out the guy who gave me the notewas just a messenger. It was from an 18-year old self-confessed punk rocker.   I will probably never meet the girl who will forever remain to me Ashley and the young lady who reminded me of who I am…. a “guy on the stage”.

In the note she stressed how she had never felt welcomed by the overly religious, had been hopping houses and sleeping on porches since she was 17, and had given up on life. She was thanking me for giving her hope.  Her words, “Thank you for helping me feel like  a part of it all.”   You would have to read the note to get the full impact, but she wrote it to me, so I’m keeping it mostly to me for now. I’m thinking of framing it as a reminder that I am simply a “guy on the stage”.  As a pastor and preacher that’s who we are. At the end of the day label yourself what you want; leader, preacher, pastor, communicator, speaker, author, writer, but, don’t forget we are a “guy on the stage”.

That’s what it’s all about.  God help us to simply be a “guy on the stage” while we point people to you.  May Jesus forever be the center of our stage and all of our preaching, communicating, speaking or whatever we call it.

Guy on the stage,


PS Checkout this guy on the stage message on Detox for the Overly Religious.


3 responses to “Guy On the Stage

  1. Wow. I’s truly amazing and impactful to know that even *one* person was reached in your message, let alone I was. I’ve already began to Detox myself, but have halted progress until my girlfriend gets her book so we can go through it together.

    I even mentioned the book/message in my personal blog ( because your message really is about hope because we cannot be alone in this process.

    We need each other. We need hope.

    — Andrew

  2. David I have always looked at you like just another person and love that about you. I know it’s because you got it long before I did that leading comes from following Christ not being ritualistic. If I would have met you in the more traditional spectrum I know your impact would have been nothing because I was so closed off from that side of church. By being turned off from that side I had a wide open door for a follower (you and all the other pastors at MLC) to impact me. What an awesome message you delivered and it came across as if you were shooting from the hip. Life testimony is powerful as I’m sure we will all see at next Sunday’s service. Praying mine and Shell’s past marriage struggles and restoration will impact others in that situation for the better. Thanks for doing what you do and teaching us how to follow Jesus.

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