Getting Started On Your Religious Detox

I meet more and more people who are in need of a religious detoxing.  Overtime we have become more and more about religion.  Jesus has a way of getting pushed to the edges of our lives as we get busier and busier with religious activity.  Let’s face it we are prone to lose our way.  Some of us could even use a little saving from our religion.  We are tired and the burden of religion we carry is heavy.  Jesus invites us into a whole new way. A way that is characterized by life.

For some of us that means repenting.  I find it profoundly interesting that Jesus began his ministry calling us to “repent” (see Matthew 4:17).  In essence Jesus was saying I’m going to show you a whole new way, a better way.  Finding this new way involves following.  He invites us to come exactly the way we are and learn a whole new way.  A whole new way free of religion.  Jesus didn’t come to form a new religion. He came to transcend religion.  He spent much of his time in conflict with the religious people of his time.  Much of his teaching is about deconstructing the religious walls that the religious leaders were teaching.

Let’s detox.

What if there is a way that is far different.  There is!  It’s the Jesus way!  It’s not the religious way, but the Jesus way!  Where do we begin?  Here are a few simple steps you can take to detox.  One more thing, don’t get in a hurry.  Enjoy the journey.  Remember Jesus loves you and accepts you just as you are.

1.  Read the Gospels.  For nearly two years I have made it a habit to read the Gospels over and over again.  Most days I get up and try to spend a few minutes readying through the Gospel.

2.  Pray for Jesus to reveal himself and his ways. During this same time period I have been praying the same prayer everyday, “Jesus, show me your way.”  As I pray this prayer he has been showing me his ways.  I am learning his ways.

3.  Grab a copy of Detox for the Overly Religious. That’s why I wrote this book in a very readable, devotional format, right out of my own journey.

4.  Have a Detox event.  I’m going to spend more time doing detox events.  This will include speaking in churches, conferences, and special events in your community talking about how we lose our religion and rediscovering the simplicity of Jesus and his ways.  If you would like to set up something in your church or community you can e-mail at or use the contact form on this blog.

5.  Get in a small group of people who desire to detox and go through the book together. Over the next week I will be posting a simple small group guide.  Detoxing is best done with other safe people.

6.  Take your entire church through a spiritual detox. We just finished a sermon series on Detox for the Overly Religious.  It was a great start for a great year free of religion.

6.  Attend our Velocity Conference.  I will be talking about detoxing in one of our breakouts.

Imagine a way free of religion.  A way where you don’t have to meet up, live up, or give up.  View the video to here a message on Detox and get started today.


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